Unable to click a field in a table


First post on this forum, apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask.

I am trying to click on a field from an external application however the click does not register, I have tried click, double click, click image and send hotkey activities and none seem to work.
While editing the selector from UI explorer and indicating on screen the field I would like to press, I get the following error

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index

UI explorer retrieves a dummy role as well

Your help is appreciated.

You can always try and get around the poor selection by looking for values in the Property Explorer. Then, just type the values in (see below). You would need to do this for each container as well. For instance the element I selected is inside two containers (lines 2 and 3).

Hope this helps.

If you cannot find reliable selector,try with anchor base activity

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Manually defining as mentioned by @swridings is a common technique and you could give a try. Keep in mind that not properties from left side Property Explorer are offered as tags for a selector. The available tags you can inspect on the right side

@ppr and @swridings I did not quite get that.
As you can see from the attached image, from the selector editor, there are 6 options including dummy and excluding the window option. Features that can be edited as I understand are cls,enabled and role. There are two options for class: QSplitter/QWidget.

Full property explorer is attached for reference as well.

A more basic advice is appreciated on how to edit the selector manually.

Hey, sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. I can only post 10 times a day and then I’m locked out. Firstly, by adding the parent container you will help the robot know where to look for the element you want. The container directly above has a class of “DataTree” and it’s parent element has a class of “QWidget”. You don’t need to add every parent element, but more detail is needed sometimes. Next, you will have to use the property explorer to manually add the properties of the element you want to select.

So, the code in your selector might look something like this.

<wnd app='facepager.eve' cls='Qt5Qwindowicon title='Facepager 4.2' />
<uia cls='QWidget' />
<uia cls='DataTree' />
<uia PID='6164' TID='8096' role='tree item' rieName='1385319638402374' />

Again, this is just an example, but if you play around with this it should work for you.

Using Select Region option rather than UI Framework did the trick! Thanks for the tips anyway