Unable to capture specific details on the PDF

Hi All,

I am still facing the same problem.

Here is the pdf file, I am working on:wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)

I want to extract the Invoice number, Order Number, Due date and Total Due from this PDF.

I tried using Google OCR and Get Text (Full Text) activity but it didn’t work.

Note: The PDF file is located on my desktop.

Please advice.

@Tom1989 Change the path in read pdf activity.

new.xaml (7.9 KB)

Hi @Manjuts90,

Thank you for your reply. I would like to use OCR to do it instead. If I change it with the Read PDF with OCR activity, what changes do I need to make in write line. Please suggest.

@Tom1989 I think no need to change anything in writeline in this case. But everything depends output text u get from OCR activity

Hi @Manjuts90 ,

I made a few changes in the write line command and the file attached here is orginally a PNG converted to PDF.

I received an error when I ran this workflow:

@Tom1989 is it possible share ur ur workflow and that pdf file?