Input arguments:

FilePath: represents the path of PDF
IgnoreCase: is case insensitive
Pages: a string that represents the list of pages to be searched. Valid examples: “1”, “1, 2, 3”, “1-7”,“1,2,4-6” and empty value for all pages.
Rows: number of lines before and after the line where the matched pattern landed on. Those lines will be included into the search result as well
Pattern: pattern to be matched

Output argument:
Matches: list of string contains all of the matched content
each string in the list contains the line in which the word matched and the a number of lines before and after with respect to the “Rows” property

Package: UiPathTeam.PDFFilter.Activities
Author: @calvin.he

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Seems like there is an issue

Hello, I can not be able to find UiPathTeam.PDFFilter.Activities in any feed. Where can I find it?