Google Drive Scope Activity is not working properly


I am working on Google drive. I already created a google service, then I use the google service email in the ID field in Google Drive Scope Activity. But I encounter an error (Please see below/attached)

Does any one know this error? It says in the GoogleDrive activity manual that only the ID field is required and its value must be Google Service Account email or Google OAuth 2.0 Id.

Hi @albert.yango

What is the version of your activity pack? I’ve just installed the latest version of the official UiPath GSuite activity pack from here:

This is it:

With the official documentation over here:

And it looks a bit different for me:

Could you clarify what package is it that you are using?

@loginerror I thought I install Gsuite activity. What I installed was UiPathTeam.GoogleDrive.Activities.
Thanks for your time to look at my problem, now it is solved. Thank you :slight_smile:

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