Hi everyone hope you are fine.
I am trying to download the UiPath Studio but the file downloaded is .msi and not .exe and I can´t install on my computer. How can I solve this issue?

Hi @Eduardo_Answer

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Try to download the uipath from orchestrator

Hi @Eduardo_Answer ,

Does any screen popup when you double-click the msi file?
Ideally, it will ask you whether you want to install all components, or just the robot(attended/unattended)

You can go for the first option itself, which installs all the components.
If you are running into any error, then we would appreciate it if you could provide some more info or few screenshots of the error.

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Ashwin A.K

HI @Gokul001 thanks for replying,
It redirects me to UIPath Automation Cloud and repeats the scenario

Hi @ashwin.ashok thanks for replying,
When double click the file, the only screen that popup is that one advising that the software was not downloaded from windows store and I choose to continue installing. After this, nothing more hapens

Hi @Eduardo_Answer ,

Could you check if you can find anything useful here?

Its a link too the documentation which deals with most installation errors.

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Ashwin A,K