UiPath wont recognize the Userform controls accurately




I am trying to enter certain details within the user form but the UiPath is not recognizing controls in within the user form.

I understand we have hotkeys but that would be my last option. Can someone help or guide me ?


Can you give more details about that app… selectors, UI framework?


Hi Badita

Thank you for your response. The selectors look something like below

<wnd app='pcemain.exe' cls='FNWNS390' title='Open' />
<wnd cls='pbdw90' />

UI Framework would be power builder


Hi Badita - do you require more details ? If yes could you please tell me what would be the details you would like to know?


The UiPath wont recognize elements built using Power Builder Tool. The text box and selectors are not recognized accurately . This problem is with Blue Prism to. Any help will be much appreciated.