Uipath Not able to identify UI elements on a Power Builder application


We are trying to automate an application built on Power Builder (Version using UiPath Studio Pro (Version 20.4.3). UiPath is not able to identify the UI elements uniquely. Other than Index & Class, there are no other parameters in the Selector to uniquely identify elements. Is this a limitation with UiPath with respect to Power Builder applications? Is there an alternate solution?


Not sure how Power Builder is built. If it was built using Java then it has to be automated after installing the Java plugin in Studio and also by enabling the Java Access bridge. I’ve never found a reliable way to do this on a Windows 10 machine yet.

But I think the UI has a fully functional set of Menus that you can manipulate with Hot keys such as Ctrl+f, Ctrl+s, etc. to name a few.

hope this helps.