UiPath.Webapi filtering with Swagger

I am in the AuditLogs section using Swagger ‘Try it out’ option. I am able to execute and generate .csv output when no parameters are specified

I want to limit on a single ‘User’ and a single ‘Action’.

What is the correct syntax for the $filter and $select type-into boxes?


  • For the $filter parameter: You can specify the filter criteria to limit the results based on a single user and a single action. The syntax would be something like: User eq 'username' and Action eq 'action', where ‘username’ is the desired user and ‘action’ is the desired action you want to filter on. For Greater than you will use gt and for less that you will use lt.
  • For the $select parameter: You can specify the properties you want to include in the output. For example, if you only want to include the Timestamp and Event properties, you can enter: Timestamp,Event in the type-into box.
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User eq ‘admin’ as shown gives the ‘Bad Request’ error shown.

Before Apply filters just put small value in “Top” Box which will give you tops records according to your value. By this you can check exact attributes of your request.
Here you can see, User is not attribute but UserName is attribute.

Thanks. Where exactly do you see that screenshot showing the attributes.

I did get results with
UserName eq ‘Xxxx’
but I don’t know how I would know to use “UserName” without seeing your screenshot.

Remember that the ‘Response Body’ section in Swagger gives me only a “Download file” link for the .csv, and the headers of that data do not contain a column for “UserName”, “Name”, “Surname”.

You can see results in swagger body request response
It will show in place of error.

@gpftr might be possible its swagger version issue… i am able to see response as well download in swagger.

Are you trying to get data against “Users”. Right?

In the end we need to filter on both “User” value and “Action” value.

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