UiPath.Web.Activities package not getting installed via package manager

I’ve installed UiPath 2018 Studio 2018.2.3 Community version and was working completely fine with my workflows running appropriately till I tried installing UiPath.Web.Activities package from package manager and it showing error as

“Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream”

in the form of pop up error. Same is happening for quite no of packages but some are getting installed much easily. It will be greatly helpful if get an response and solution to this soon.

Hi the same problem i have occured can anyone please help .

Hi @ashvini,

Since I’m resolved with the issue, thought of sharing the same.
Well, after trying for long 2 days, I was trying hit and trial and chose the second last update of package to install and what the luck:sunglasses:, it got installed.

Then I updated this install to latest one and magic happened!!:smile:

I really suggest you to try 2-3 no of times. Hope this information helps!! :grinning: