UiPath vs Other RPA Vendor

As per Forrester Wave 2017 Q1[1] report best RPA vendors are

  • Automation Anywhere
  • UiPath
  • NICE
  • BluePrism
  • EdgeVerve
  • Workfusion
  • Pega / OpenSpan

UiPath scores best in the technology category, AA has the biggest market presence and breadth of use-cases while BP scores best when it comes to bot governance and deployment features though, I think, they are a bit underrated.

Secondly it depends on the use case and who you are. For example WF is great when it comes to digitization(OCR) processes while UiPath offers a free community edition.

Similar answers were given by Everest or Gartner.





As I have been working on Blue Prism and UI Path but not Openspan, I can only tell you thee following.

Personally if feel UI Path is extremely user friendly.

  1. Speed of implementation would be very high but anyone who has worked on it can sense the delay problem that has to be improved upon.

  2. Can be used for various integration services with different workflow modules hence scoring high on re usability.

  3. Citrix environment automation and desktop contribute to major pros of this tool. The architecture of the tool ensures future proof, meaning it can evolve in unbelievable measures.

  4. It has a free community edition allowing everyone to download and learn with umpteen number of learning PDF’s and videos available online

  5. Only con is lack of control. No coding. Neither C# nor VB script can be run.

Coming to Blue prism, one word, Control

  1. Enterprise grade RPA solution tool with extreme control over activities and point blank approach towards object creation, coding and automation implementation. Its difficult to go wrong when coding can be done.

  2. Speed of implementation can be controlled (which is very high) by anchoring browser based automation and through, I say it again, coding. Check for element and other features, like waiting until object exists in a page of a browser with three modes namely, accessibility, HTML and region mode giving more options and control over selection and accuracy.

  3. The code insertion part gives Blue Prism an edge over other RPA tools but, other tools like Automation Anywhere and UI Path have been very successful in making it user friendly.

  4. Whereas other automation tools are designed very well for some processes and are lacking in a few others, Blue Prism had the capacity to automate almost anything without any exception. Targeting only a few processes would decrease the scope of a tool, and Blue Prism stands apart in that category.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks for reading.



Thanks Sarah_Johan for sharing.

I am actually started the thread below to find out more about breadth of use case for the leading RPA tool.

So I think we can say that BP has higher breadth of use case due to this control feature (code injection).

Anyone use Automation Anywhere before? Does AA allow code injection as well? AA scored the highest in breadth of use case category.

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Have you aware or tried Invoke Code Activity in UiPath?

you can do this with UiPath as well.


Due to heavy work in the office there is no time, But i will try to do in this weekend.

Hi; Can you please share the file?

Kind regards

This is awesome information and thanks for sharing. As we all know each product implementation is different and each customer requirement is different. It all depends who each customer and the product owner are working in understanding the requirement and customizing it and implementing it.

@aksh1yadav, @Sarah_Johan, I can’t resist :sunglasses:


Uses my mildly customized lib CLR.ahk, renamed to CLR_AHK, see here, which has lots of functions available. My included CLR_H.ahk may well not account for other declarations of built-in variables, which AutoHotKey.dll doesn’t allow. (Here I just replaced “null” with “nulo” in the script, renamed it, and Robert’s your mother’s brother.)

This’ll compile both C# and VB.Net on the fly, see the link for examples.

“I_can_C_sharp.xaml”, “CLR_H.ahk”, and “UiPath_CLR” are included in the archive.


C-Sharp-CLR.zip (3.6 KB)


Hi @acaciomelo That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Do you have an updated version of this table?

can anyone tell me what exactly UI path and differenciate RPA ?? have read the comment above but couldn’t get coz i am new to rpa.

Check out this.

PS:- 6th point about UiPath is crap…Plz ignore :slight_smile: )

Thanks @badita

This is got me full of confidence to recommend to my clients to use UiPath definitely.

Hi shivani[quote=“mails.shivani, post:10, topic:1748, full:true”]


Can’t you send me your file?
I’m comparing between UiPath and WorkFusion.
Pls help me.


It is really superb. Congratulation UiPath. Keep going with many more success.

Thumbs Up to Uipath :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Hi Shivani,
i know it is a long time ago you created the comparing sheet, but if you still have it on your PC i would be very happy if you could send me the file, because i have to compare UIPath and AA and you sheet looks very helpful for me.
It would be very kind of you, if you can help me.
Thank you and best regards,

Here is the updated rpa forrester report for 2018:


September 18, 2018


rpa forrester 2018


I have a basic question. Why it is said UiPath and AA support Front and Back office automation and Blue Prism supports only Back office automation.

When I see Blue Prism can also be triggered manually using control room. Very anxious to know the key difference.

Good afternoon! All right? Could you send me this UIpath comparison document with AA?
emails: rodrigopinheiro13@gmail.com