UiPath Tutorial: Make a Non-Public App Public - UiPath Apps Tutorial Part 1 of 2

Hello Community,

If you want to know how I converted a non-public UiPath App public that resulted in an epic failure, then this is a video you might want to watch.

Several things to think about. For example:

  1. It’s a different game to convert a Non-Public App to a Public App; you might not have anticipated that something you thought would work, will actually fail when the app goes public! :exploding_head:
  2. And this is just me - because the app and its functionalities already exist, they are right there for you to make better assessment of the risks and implications before you go about making an App public! :thinking:

This experience might just prepare you better for your next Public App scratch build! :slight_smile:

Watch Part 1 in which I make the App public before the story continues in the (soon to be released) Part 2 in which I go through the troubleshooting process.

Part 1 track covers the following:

  1. 00:20 PROLOGUE
  2. 01:27 Know your App before going Public!
  3. 09:54 Making the App Public
  4. 13:49 Creating Roles for External Apps
  5. 17:58 Assign Roles + Apps to Orchestrator
  6. 23:34 Deploy App & First Test run (failure)

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