UiPath trainings

Hi all,

I need to improve my SAP Scripting skills. Are they any formalized trainings avaliable?
I know they are a lot of demo in Yutube and in this forum, but I’m looking for something more formalized.

I’ll be gratefull for any suggestions of formalized trainings in UiPath in advanced level.

Thanks a lot in advance!


I suggest to check in academy.uipath.com for training on not only SAP related but also you can find more training related to UiPath

But SAP scripting it’s better to look into the other sources only, as this is more related to SAP, but as far i know integration with SAP the trainings provided by Uipath will help also you can refer the docs.uipath.com also

Hope this may help you


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I assume you want to excite your SAP GUI Scripting skills. As far as I know there is no formalized training available. As @Srini84 wrote, you can find more information at SAP Community.
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