SAP Automation

SAP can easily and reliable be automated (with or without SAP scripting enabled)

Register to the academy and go through the SAP tutorial.

For learning purposes, is there a way to access SAP ERP that is available free / through remote desktop / or some sort of training version? @badita

what are the best practices to be followed to automate sap application using uipath

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Hi @badita , I have gone through the SAP tutorial, everything is well scripted but it doesn’t say which SAP resource is used for testing.
For e.g. The SAP application to login and perform all the actions.
Could you please help me find the SAP downloadable for scripting and completing the tutorial.
Many Thanks,

Hello @badita

I have the same question of the fellows over here. Is there any free app available for training somewhere? Or, is there any way you can provide a sample app similar to the one that is provided on the tutorial?


Can anyone from Uipath Academy help here? Looking for Support.

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@moderators Anyone?

Sorry. We can not provide that.

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