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This endpoint are not working, or correct if I am wrong.
How start process with argument in new community version. Please provide guidance.

Thanks And regards,

Hey @Vishu_Biradi

What do you mean by not working ?

Could you please show us some error screenshots?


In the Above pic, you can see the process id>> JobPackProcess.

I tried to search robots for the process it is showing an error.

X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId is it correctly configured?

Yes. I have 2 bots also. Can you please provide video tutorials for the new Uipath version if possible?

Could you please explain your use case on what you are trying to do ?

Hi @Nithinkrishna, I am trying to construct documents based on input. I am using Uipath excel activity, uipath word activity, and HTML activities.

I have constructed the process and tested it is working while running manually, I have published it to orchestrator. I have a folder name “job pack” with 1 machine and 2 robots.
Now, I have to call/Run this process using swagger.

Still I am unable to start job. Please provide me guidance.

Okay perfect, So you are basically trying to start a job in a folder ?

Yes, I want to start the job with a swagger or postman but I am unable to execute after adding proper request data.

Okay for starting a job you need to first make sure you have a process, machine and robot assigned.

Now in the API request you need to pass release key of the process, Strategy as JobCount and JobsCount as 1.

This should be sufficient to trigger a job.

Kindly try and let us know.

Hello @Vishu_Biradi

Can you go through the below doc.


I tried but it is not executing! :thinking:

I tried but had no luck, I tried with input arguments too but was still unable to execute. I have clicked execute button more than once. but it stuck. :confused:

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for the response, I am already using the same document. Does Uipath provide user manual with step by step process?

Remove the RobotIds and NoOfRobots please.

Also I hope you authorised on the top.

Worked for me, When does robot ids require?

@Nithinkrishna @ppr @Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thank You very much, guys !! :smiling_face:

Hey @Vishu_Biradi

When you want to run a job with specific robots !


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