UiPath StudioX Failure of attaching excel file to App/Web recorder

I am proceeding with my StudioX practice along with Ui Academy materials and try to realize web automation.
While proceeding, I stumbled upon one difficulty that was I could not attach excel file to App/Web recorder even though I designated the file beforehand. Shown image is the error message popped up on my screen.


I would appreciate it if someone responds the above question.

Hello @w.sakamoto.rx

Are you trying to do a Ui based automation in the excel file? If yes, did you tried with the excel packages in uipath?


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Thank you very much Rahul for your message!
Yes, I have already installed excel plug-in shown as below.
Nevertheless, app/web recorder fails to attach excel file.
If you have more fruitful information, I would appreciate it!

Did you tried with the excel activities to do a background automation instead of a ui automation?

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Thank you very much for your reply.
I have tried to run my flow under background automation,
but the toolbar does not show App/Web recorder under background automation.
I switched from Studio-X to Studio though the result was the same.
Anyway, thank you very much. I attempt to do some for this issue.

App/Web recorder you can use when you need Ui automation. If you need to automate excel, its better to use the Excel package and the default activities.


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Thank you very much!
Finally, I solved my problem.
The key was use of application/browser.
You implied hint for me. I appreciate you.
Best regards,

The following document is also very benefitial.

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