Uipath StudioX excel sheet name

Hi All,
I have to download excel file and work on that data but the downloaded file always comes with a new sheet name (some random numbers).
and Uipath StudioX is giving error and can’t read because it assumes its name should be “Sheet1”. Please see below image attached.


How can it be coded right?
Please help

@Anmol_Khanna - Could you please show your workflow screenshot?

every time i will download the file, it comes with a new sheet name

@Anmol_Khanna - but this seem like, your source itself having the sheet name like that…

Have you tried to download that file manually and see what sheet name it gets?

Yes, i do that work manually, and sheet name is always like that

@Anmol_Khanna - let me create a sheet name with that same name and try here…will share the result soon

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Alight. I believe there should be an option to assign a variable to it, so that bot will not care about what name to change, because when I use activity “rename” - it asks from what to change - and that “what” is always a different number like I showed above

@Anmol_Khanna - You want to dynamically change the sheet name right? Sure let me try that.

how many sheets you normally have in that excel file ?

@Anmol_Khanna - Please check this…This will change the currentsheet name to sheet1…if your file has only one sheet everyday this would work…

I am thinking of doing it automatically incrementing the sheet name…

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only one sheet is there with some data and a downloaded file looks like below - but very weird sheet name always

I tried that only but didn’t work,

@Anmol_Khanna - Let me share my workflow

Here is the xaml file: RenameSheet.zip (100.5 KB)

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It worked
thank you so much sir

yes yes actually i was using excel for each sheet and then appending it to some other file that was not working
but this renaming thing didn’t strike me

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@Anmol_Khanna - Glad it worked…Please mark my post as solution , that will close this thread.

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Thanks again
much appreciated sir

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