Excel creating new sheet instead of using existing one

I am downloading an excel file which needs to be worked before being emailed out. When the file is downloaded it has a random number attached to the file name and the existing sheet has the same name too(ex.- test12345.xls), so I rename it, change file type and save it as data.xlsx.
However, when studiox tries to open data.xlsx, it creates a new blank sheet with the name from a template (ex- test56789) which was used to map all the steps that need to be performed in the sheet while also having the sheet from the current run that has the actual data. At this point the run fails because it reads the new first sheet with the old name and its blank. Any suggestions on how to fix it from creating the new sheet with the name of the template, and only use the sheet that’s already in the data.xlsx file would be appreciated!

Note- The numbers in the sheet name in Data.xlsx also changes every time its run, however this hasn’t been an issue because the new data sill shows in the file along with the new blank sheet.

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Try changing the file name to data.xls instead of data.xlsx

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@ahmad.sultan thanks for the suggestion! I ended up putting a step to change the sheet name to sheet1 after the download and did the same on the template and that fixed the issue.

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