UiPath StudioX Database Connection

Hi everyone. I am experienced in UiPath Studio Pro. But new in UiPath StudioX. I want to database connection in StudioX like in Studio Pro. I download UiPath.Database.Activities packages in Manage Packages window. I use to Connect activity like Studio Pro. But this activity gave me error.

How can i use database connection activities in StudioX just like the Studio Pro? Is it impossible?


StudioX is purposefully designed for business users to automate simple, sequential processes. Although you get access to all packages through Manage Packages feature, not all of them are officially supported or practically usable with StudioX.
Read this specific section under StudioX FAQs (click link to follow):

Quoted from the page:

Any activities package can be added as a project dependency in StudioX from the Manage Packages window. However, activities intended for StudioX follow different design guidelines, so it may be difficult or impossible to use some Studio activities in StudioX:

  • StudioX keeps variable types very simple by design, while many activities designed for Studio require the user to modify and configure specific types which StudioX does not support. If this is the case, the user will not able to successfully use the activity.
  • The key properties of StudioX activities are available in the body of the activity (in the Designer panel). StudioX users are not accustomed to configuring activities from the Properties panel.
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Although the Database package is not optimized for StudioX at this moment, being outside the citizen development scope, it should be compatible. The behavior you are experiencing looks like a bug and we will look into it.
As an workaround - go to Advanced Editor and add the namespace for the DataConnection class manually, as bellow: