BlueStacks ! (Android Emulator)

Hello …
I’m doing some work that include click things in Blue Stacks that android Emulator…and when I try to use click image activity but it doesn’t recognize any thing !!

You found the answer ?
Because i have some ideas to work with android

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Hi Is there any solution for this? Please advice guys ? Really appreciate

Hey everyone

I am really battling with this myself. The best I’ve been able to do is click on regions on the screen but the popup of ads keeps throwing off the automation. I can’t really get text or get smart about how I interact with elements.

The other option is to use computer vision, this works a bit better but is suuuuuupppppeeerrr slow. I know it’s not much help, I’m still playing around. As I learn more I’ll add some feedback.

Hope this at least shares ‘some’ gleam of light.

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Hi ,
Please can you tell me How did you connect bluestacks with UiPath?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Jacqui_M ,
I am finding probs in connecting my phone with the UiPath
Could you help me on that?

Thanks in advance,