UiPath Studio doesn't add AssemblyReference

I faced two troubles, and the root looks same issue.
UiPath Studio 18.3.2(CE) doesn’t add .NET Framework assembly reference.

For example;

Making variable as “System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog” type, we need to refer System.Windows.dll And System.Windows.Forms.dll, but UiPath Studio doesn’t works.
As workaround, We can edit xaml file and add <AssemblyReference> tag directly, but it’s not cool.

Another case,


Using this method, we need to add assembly “System.Data.DataSetExtensions.dll”, but UiPath Studio doesn’t works.

I tried to add reference from “Imports” pane, but it didn’t work.

I hope this issue will be fixed.

This occured in my environment:

Windows 10 Pro (x64) ver 1803

UiPath 18.3.2(CE) Stable

Activity Versions are;