Uipath Studio Code review

Hi All, I have started working in UiPath around 6 months ago. I am looking for suggestion on Code review tools? I wanna edit certain properties across projects (so far around 300+ instance of properties) and to maintain consistency and good practice. Any suggestion on free tools ? Either from UiPath or Open source .
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you can use the Analyze File Tool inside the UiPath Studio, it will show all the errors and warnings that you should modify to keep your code clean


Also you can check some videos about good practices but most of then should be related to all of those rules

You can also check every rule in the error list yo know what is exactly the warning/error that you need to validate,

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Hola Fernando, Thank you so much for your response. However Analyse File doesnot give the capability to change the Properties of multiple instance of an Activity within a project.

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