UiPath validate code tool suggestion

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How about having a separate UiPath code tool to valid the workflows before we move to production. Like whether constants are used in json file, unused variables etc., so it will give the output in percentage and can make a rule to move the code to production if the percentage is above 80 or 90 percent.


Hi @Boopathi

Could you tell us a bit more what precisely you would like the tool to check for? It seems like such analysis would strongly depend on the context of your particular purpose and policies of your organization.

I suppose it would have to be general/flexible enough to accommodate many different scenarios/policies while still providing a solid output.

It feels like your suggestion falls under some best practice help and improvement within Studio which are already recognized and will be introduced in the future :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

Thank you for reply and yes the idea I had is to validate the best practices like a tool to judge that the uploaded package has passed all the best practices suggested by UiPath. For example, if a package is uploaded without any config file then the tool may display config file is not used and naming convention suggested by UiPath for arguments is like using prefix in_somevar, out_somevar, io_somevar and if this standards is not met then the tool may give warning that naming convention for arguments is not met. Like this what are all the possibilities to identify the best practices the tool need to validate.

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Hello, this would be great if it could be integrated in devops pipeline, like sonar or something like that.

I feel like this thread is relevant here:

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@Bogdan_Popescu, That’s one for you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Team

We have implemented the workflow analyser :slight_smile: I marked this one as closed then.