Uipath Studio : An error occurred during the activation of a particular registration

When starting UiPath Studio, the following error occurs and it does not start. It was usable before.

Error message:

Troubleshooting steps :
Can you please try the below approach to resolve this issue?

  1. Please check the project folder permissions and see if the user using Studio has full permission for it.
  2. If The “Nuget.Config” file is empty and replacing it with the correct file may fix the problem. Can you see the contents of the “Nuget.Config” file?If it is empty, you need to replace it with the appropriate content. If you haven’t backed up “Nuget.Config” and want to revert to the default file, delete “Nuget.Config” and start Studio to create a new “Nuget.Config” file.
  3. Uninstall UiPath Control Panel> Uninstall a program.
  4. Delete the “UiPath” folder that exists in the following directory “% programdata%” “% localappdata%” “% appdata%”.
  5. Delete the folder in the following directory " % temp% \ nuget “”% userprofile% \ .nuget \ packages "*.
  6. If you are using nuget in another program, select the folder containing the package used by UiPath and delete it. * Regarding “% userprofile% \ .nuget \ packages”, there is a possibility that nuget is used by other programs. Select the folder that contains the package used by UiPath and delete it. If you cannot tell immediately, we recommend that you make a backup of the files in the folder and then delete them.
  7. Delete the following folder.
    a.% localappdata% \ UiPath.
    b.% appdata% \ UiPath.
    c.% programdata% \ UiPath.
    d.% userprofile% \ .nuget.
    e.“% temp% \ NuGetScratch”.

Charan SIngh