UiPath Studio 2022.10 Updates-3

The next update that has been added into the UiPath Studio 2022.10 release is the Global Variables & Constants.
->What are Global Variables?

Global Variables are the variables with a global scope which are not limited to a workflow or sequence within the project.

->What are Global Constants?

Global Constants are used to hold the values that can be used anywhere but it can’t be changed.

Global Variables and Global Constants can be used in any workflow or scope without having passed them as arguments.


I created a variable “MyGlobalvar” with scope as global, now this variable can used in any worfklow in the process.


Now, lets create a Global constant “MyGlobalConst” with default value as 2. This constant can be used anywhere in the workflows but its value can’t be changed. If we try to change the value , it will throw an error.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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Hi @Nitya1, Its been really informative!

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Do you think it would be better to change Config variable (dictionary) with those global features? Would be possible to create those variables from Config.xlsx?

Config file is used to store the values of the variables but we can’t define the scope of the variable if we store in the config file , therefore global variables and constants can’t be use in config file.

I am thinking about storing the Config keys as the global variables…

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I assume its not possible to dynamically create variables based on Config, but it should be possible to store Config as a global variable so it would not require to create argument for it in every workflow :slight_smile: