UiPath Solutions Management now in Public Preview

UiPath Solutions Management now in Public Preview

Ever wondered how to simplify your workload when working on complex projects? Ever had issues deploying your multiple processes, assets, queues, storage buckets and other dependencies across environments? And let’s not even talk about keeping all of this up to date. That’s even more complicated.

Let’s talk about Solutions

You can now package everything into a Solution, a collection of “components” built & configured on the UiPath platform, that function together to automate a business use case. It can be as simple as a single process, or as complex as something containing multiple processes, apps, and their dependencies.

So what does this look like today?

Well, you author the workflows, apps, ML projects, configure associated resources: queues, assets, connections, entities, across multiple UI surfaces. Then, each time you want to deploy the solution to a new environment you need to deploy all these components one by one, in a manual, tedious, error prone way.

The management side means you have no way to overview all solution components and ensure it does not break due to changes on one component. And any update will be, again, a manual process.

Introducing Solutions Management

Launching now in public preview, you can find the solution to these problems:

  • Packaging solutions: assemble and configure your solution components in a fully-fledged solution package that is self-contained & transportable between tenants and organizations.
  • Solutions deployment: click through installation wizard to apply the deployment specific configurations for the solution; based on this input and the information contained in the package, all solution components are automatically deployed
  • Management capabilities for the solution packages and deployments within your organization, per tenant

Where can you find it?

In the UiPath Automation Cloud, navigate to Automation Ops and find out the Solutions Management preview in your left-hand menu.

Check out these short videos on how to create solutions packages and then deploy them to a different environment or read all about it in our documentation portal.

How to create packages:

How to deploy packages:

At the moment, you can package solutions including processes, triggers, assets, queues, storage buckets. Log in to cloud.uipath.com today and test it out. We encourage you to let us know what you’d want most to see next!

We’re working as we speak to offer a set-by-step experience as well for upgrading solutions. We’ll notify you as soon as it is available for you to try it out.

Looking forward to your feedback.


This looks great!
What are the plans for Azure DevOps extension to have these capabilities as well?

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vamos a ver que tal!!

That looks great! I think it can be very useful for some specific situations where you need to migrate environments… Looking forward to test it!

do we need an additional license to use these new features?

HI @irahmat, no, no additional license needed. You just need the right level of access setup and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

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@Michael.Vornes looking forward for your feedback!

@ssavickas1 thank you! Regarding Azure DevOps, it’s something that we’re looking into, but we don’t have a precise timeline for it. Can you give few more details on your expectations around this? Are you currently using Azure DevOps? Not having this would be an adoption blocker for you?

Yes, most likely a blocker. DevOps is used as the main code repository and change management platform - pull requests, release approvals etc., are all tracked and audited.
DevOps does not cover the other parts (queues, etc.), that this Solution Manager would, but the approvals and auditing for code changes is such a high priority, that unless Solution Manager can cover that as well - I don’t think we can move to it.


We currently use Azure DevOps and not providing and Azure DevOps integration/support would be an adoption blocker.

We intend to build a similar approach, but in GitHub. Need method to build/deploy all components tied to repos, pull requests, approvals…

Using GitHub you can do CI/CD using GitHub Actions

GitHub - andrianoid/helloUiPath-sample