Deployment from acceptance environment (including assets) #AutomatedDeployment #Migration

@Bogdan_Popescu Are there any news about this module?

It would certainly be good to have an export and import feature on the assets screen.

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I, too, am looking forward to the export/import of assets feature. We use tenants and it would be nice to have an export feature where you are asked to chose which specific assets to export, so they can be imported to another tenant.

Fingers crossed!

While a gui would be nice if this is something critical this can be done in <20 lines of powershell code.

Using the apis you can get all the assets, export them to CSV, delete the unrequired assets and bulk upload them to any number of tenants/organizational units/other orchestrator webapps/iis servers
the bulk upload takes less than 1 sec for >100 assets.

If you have shell access.
In our case, that would not be possible without us going through our IT helpdesk.

Hi all,

We are looking into building a deployment pipeline to connect our Orchestrator instances and allow automated PROD-promotion after approval, e.g. by using Jenkins and a webhook from Orchestrator to trigger a workflow. However, we don’t want to create customized pipelines if this is set to become out-of-the-box functionality.

Is the above feature planned to be included, if yes, what is the expected timeline?


I have used a jenkins pipeline script that can do the deployment but not assets -GitHub - skirankumars31/Jenkins-Deployment-Script

It will be nice to have an export configuration that will export all the things related to a process so that it could be imported into another environment

Hi @ovi @vvaidya @Bogdan_Popescu @Cosin

Can anyone give a clear picture on below things ?

  1. How the code along with assets, schedules in orchestrator and config files in project folder all move from dev environment to prod environment ?
  2. Do we need different orchestratos for different environments ?
  3. How everything that i mentioned above move from one orchestrator to the other orchestartor ?

I am new to uipath and it will be a great help for me to get all these info. So kindly help me on this.
Thanks in advance !!!

Any update on this feature ? Similar requirement needed in our project. Can someone provide the Orchestrator API steps to do this?


Any update on this feature? It would be a great help to our development lifecycle.



Any update on this feature?

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are there any plans to actually implement promotion between environments?

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Bump. I second this question. Are there any future plans for exporting / importing, migrating assets or something similiar?

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still no update on this features? fingers crossed


There must be quite the backlog of features to be added. This was asked for in Dec of 2017. It’s now April of 2022.

So UIPath, is there any hope of getting this export/import feature for assets, queues, etc?


Just to pull up this request…
It’s completely unacceptable that UiPath miss this feature :frowning:

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to those who still struggle to migrate resources from difference environments. you can use the Orchestrator Manager.


@loginerror @ovi Any update on this

Hi @Naveen_Chaganti

Please have a look at this topic. All feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile: