UiPath Smartsheet Activities

Hello! Earlier today I integrated the Smartsheet package provided by UiPath. When i began writing a new process, I had to reinstall the Smartsheet package for this new process. Within a matter of hours the same package download is providing different content. The Smartsheet Scope item no longer allows me to use an API key, but forces me to login to Smartsheet to create a connection. Also, and most infuriatingly, some of the activities themselves have disappeared. The List Rows activity no longer is available. The only way for me to pull a row from a sheet is by manually entering the sheet and row id. The sheet id I understand, but I wouldn’t know the row id without first listing the rows and searching for the row that has the specific parameter I am looking for. I can get over the new way of connecting even though I strongly prefer simply passing my API key instead of logging into my account specifically, and I understand there is most likely a work around for this, but I just want the old functionality I was using mere hours ago.

List Rows (that I cannot access) documentation: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/smartsheet-list-rows

Also, these UiPath smartsheet documentation lists the package as UiPath.Smartsheet.Activities.Rows.x but the package I am receiving is Uiath.Smartsheet.IntegrationServices.x.

Any help would be much appreciated.