How to read and write data from smartsheet

Can anyone tell me how to read and write data from smartsheet


You can use SmartSheet API for retriving the data

Check below link

Hope this helps


Thanks. Should we use http request activity in uipath studio ? If you have any sample xaml can you please post it?


Yeah you have to use http request, Also you can refer the API documentation of SmartSheet

Sorry, unfortunately i don’t have any samples that i can provide

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FYI we released an activity pack for Smartsheet that will remove the need to call APIs. You can download it from Connect at or via the official feed.

Full documentation is at

There are 47 activities in the package and there is also a generic Invoke activity that conveniently wraps all 183 API operations for anything you want to do that we don’t have a bespoke activity for.

Please try it out and let us know what you think. :slight_smile: