UiPath send text to Slack very fast via Webhooks (Chatbot)

How UiPath​ Robots can communicate with Slack very fast via Webhooks.

0:00​ Preview
0:18​ Intro
0:55​ Create Webhook
2:25​ Call Incoming Webhook from Postman
2:55​ Same calls from UiPath
5:30​ How to add @Here and NewLine
6:35​ Write to direct message to the user
7:20​ Remember Node.JS from the last video

Hi ,

I have built a solution to send messages on Slack using a similar workflow and it was working fine till last week.

Suddenly i observed that the HTTP request activity isnt working, and there’s no error.

The runtime Output properties of “HTTP Request” are as below.

Result: “invalid-payload”

Please guide me on fixing this issue.

Hello Chaithanya,
I don’t see the issue.
I will follow 2 paths:

  1. check if you did any updates to web.activies I remember is 1.0.7 try to go back to 1.0.6 to see if is working.
  2. check webhook settings from slack to be able to try this use postman to do all the tests.
    Cristian Negulescu