UiPath SDK


Is the UiPath SDK supported anymore? I click the link on the homepage and it goes no where. I can’t find much information about it. Seems like there is an effort to hide it now. I think writing complex logic using UIPath Studio would result in a bloated mess. Writing even a simple loop with a few assign statements is comically bloated.

UiPath new website - Feedback

I would also like to know more about the SDK. Is is still available?


28 days without a response to the OP. The silence is deafening. :frowning:


Probably because it has been answered a LOT of times - SDK is no longer available (since a couple of years).
Same goes to building an .exe or exporting to code.


Appreciate the reply. In my search for an answer, I haven’t found any information stating that the SDK is no longer available. I did run across https://www.uipath.com/automate/products, which clearly lists an SDK as an available product.

Seems their website is several years out of date if your information is correct.


I did get a direct reply to SDK question that it’s not and won’t be available anymore. If you click through that link, SDK link actually takes you to Robot page.