UIPath Screen Scraping UI Changes after Software Upgrade - Seeking Clarification

Hello UiPath Community,

I hope this post finds you well. I am reaching out to the community to discuss a noticeable change in the screen scraping functionality after upgrading to a newer version of the UiPath software.
In our previous software version, the screen scraping of the UI appeared as shown in the attached screenshot

However, after upgrading to the latest version, we observed a significant alteration in the UI when performing screen scraping, as depicted in the attached screenshot.

We are curious to understand the reasons behind these changes. Has there been a deliberate modification in the screen scraping algorithms or settings with the new software version? Are there any enhancements or optimizations that we should be aware of?

If anyone in the community has insights into these changes or has experienced similar alterations, please share your knowledge. Additionally, UiPath support or development team, could you provide clarification on the reasons behind the observed changes?

We appreciate your expertise and look forward to a productive discussion.

Thank you!

Regarding the changes observed in UiPath’s screen scraping functionality after a software upgrade, it is not uncommon for software updates to bring changes to the user interface and the underlying algorithms. Here’s a general approach to understand and adapt to the changes.

For your specific case, since you’ve noticed a significant alteration in the UI, it would be best to reach out directly to UiPath support with your screenshots and a detailed description of the changes you’ve observed. They can provide the most accurate information regarding updates to their screen scraping algorithms or UI changes.

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