UIPath Rpa Developer Certification exam patten

As per UiPath below are the courses required for the advanced exam:

UiPath Academy Training or equivalent:

  1. RPA Starter course
  2. RPA Developer Foundation Learning Plan
  3. RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan
  4. Introduction to Logging course
  5. Invoke Method and Invoke Code course
  6. Automation Version Control Systems course

I cant find any courses for #4 and #5, however I did learn about this topic in the course #3, do I still need to do any other courses for the advanced exam?
Also does the exam cover #6 Automation Version Control Systems course? I did not find questions related to this topic in the practice exam?

hi Andreea, i would like to ask about UiPath Advanced Certification (UiARD), in 2021 is there a practice question? like we are doing in academy on advanced section which create a reframework and upload it, thank you

Hi @lentvalent,

There is no practice part to the UCP exam. The exam includes multiple choice questions, drag and drop and simulation based, but you cannot exit the exam screen, use a book/course (closed book exam) or upload anything during it. The questions are challenging enough that they cover the practical part as well, meaning you have to have experience with REFramework (and practice) in RPA to be able to respond. Hope this helps, thanks!

thank you for your response, Andreea. one more question, would you like to share some little clues in simulation based section, are we going to build something in uipath studio or complete some .xaml to run successfully?

All the clues you need are inside the practice test, where we tried to cover the same questions that the exam covers to make sure candidates feel prepared and understand what to expect. So you can start there to have a feel of how the exam might look like. :slight_smile:

thank you so much for the information, Andreea. wish me luck for the test later :smiley:

Best of luck, @lentvalent ! :slight_smile:

@Haroon_Patel topics 4, 5, 6 are all available at https://academy.uipath.com/. Just go to Courses and search.

Will the exam questions remain the same if we take it for the 2nd attempt? Or will it be a totally different version of exam?

Definitely there should be slightly different pattern of questions but would cover same topics in different scenarios.
Must be in and out thorough in the Academy training of basic and advanced training. Practice test gives a good idea about how the exam will be.



Hi Andrea,

I am planning to appear for “UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD)” exam. Wanted to check with you on the Exam pattern - is it all MCQ’s and simulation based questions? OR do we get business case also and are expected to implement the practical solution during the exam, as it used to be until sometime back. Can you please confirm.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Practice for UiPath-ARDv1 Exam certification according to real exam pattern is the most important thing while you’re preparing yourself for the exam. There are softwares for exam preparation like Study4Exam that provide MCQ’s and simulation based questions in the form of web based practice test for the self-assessment. It’s really good to practice in a real exam based scenario for the exam preparation improvement. You should check it out. Hope this would help you.


Thank you for reaching out. I can confirm that we do not have a practical par tin the Advanced exam but below are the type of questions you can expect that are posted in our FAQs as well:

The UiPath Certified Professional exams are designed to include the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice

    • An excellent way to promote higher-level thinking
    • Scenarios with graphics to make the question more realistic when assessing skills
    • Straight-forward questions and straight-forward questions with graphics
    • Scenario-based questions
    • Graphics as answer choices
    • Code as answer choices
  • Build List and/or Drag and Drop

    • Designed to test a candidate’s understanding of a particular “process”
    • Involves logical thinking and reasoning by the candidate
  • Simulation-Based

    • Emulate a user’s interaction with UiPath Studio and/or Orchestrator displays
    • Fully integrated with other question types
    • No need to exit the testing event
    • Media: Video, Flash
    • Active Screens: Allows interaction and automatic scoring with different display elements

An exam participant may receive several or all question types.

I can confirm that the exam will not include anything that is not described in our FAQs and if you take our practice tests, that should give you a good indication of how prepared you are to take the exam.

Let me know if there is anything else that I might assist with.

Thanks @Aswathy_Suresh