UiPath RPA Associate Certification Practice Exam no longer available?

I have been preparing for the UiPath RPA Associate Certification Exam, in which I took the practice exam last week and have been studying the missed material before taking it again. Upon trying to take the practice exam today, I received the following error message: “This practice test has been archived and is no longer available.”

It was my goal to take and pass the certification exam before the end of the month. However, after a quick online search there does not appear to be another practice test ( issued by UiPath at least). Is there any other material I can use to effectively prepare for/pass the exam? Does UiPath plan on releasing a new practice exam?

Hi @Daniel_Luke_W

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UiPath Certificate has been updated this month

Check out this link : RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

For more check out the video

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