UiPath robot stops working


I have a dataset with 79 columns and 82609 rows which I am trying to run on my 8gb ram i5 3rd generation laptop but the uipath keeps stopping without executing. Is there a way I can run it or the computer specs are too low.
P.S. I am just reading and writing the excel file.

System crash when running the procedure

If you know that your data is going to be more than 50,000 rows, try having your robot read 10,000 rows at a time instead. Then you can use Merge Datatable after the reads to combine them back into one object.

Robot abruptly stops working when adding parsed data to a datatable

ok. thanks :slight_smile:


@Michael_Farough Is this a shortcoming only on the community edition or does this happen in the licensed version also?


The community edition does not have any performance limiters. This is just the recommended method for dealing with extremely large files.