UiPath robot rest web service


We have been trying communicating with UiPath Robot using Restful service using your trial version based on https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/uipath-robot-api

It is working fine apart the two issues below

  1. We are kind of expecting it to be a purely back end process without having to open the browser, is that not possible?
  2. We found we have to have the computer logged on with the same account for the restful service, it is not working if that account has been logged off, is there any way around this?

Sorry, Robot API is too complicated to support therefore is discontinued.
Any communication is done via the Orchestrator API.

could you send me the documentation for Orchestrator API please?


I’ve added your domain into enterprise group.

For the Community we have in plan to allow the usage of our cloud Orchestrator… but it will take some time.

Sorry i didn’t get your email for the documentation, maybe my company email has some issues, could you please send it to my gmail account, petehe@gmail.com


I’m looking for the same functionality to test a potential use case of UIpath.
Could you please help me out here as well and indicate when this functionality is planned to be ready?