Starting with REST API


I have the robot configured in and I can connect to the robot with robot key and orchestration URL from local machine.

I have installed the UiPathPlatform.msi with IIS7 and SQL Server. When I try to test the REST API with the following URL, I get the login page with the place holders for tenant name, user name and password.

Can any one tell why when I enter the tenant ID and username and pwd, the keeps saying Invalid credentials.

Is there anything I am missing ?




May I know whether you have sovled the problem? I also want to call my robot which deployed to, however, I don’t know how to use REST API to trigger my robot. Do you have any direction?


I was able to kickoff the robot after I created a schedule job and kickedoff the
scheduler job.

Here are the steps I followed

  1. Get authentication code using the follwing REST API

The body of the REST API should have the following.

“tenancyName” : “xxxxx”,
“usernameOrEmailAddress” : “username”,
“password” : “passworrd”

  1. You can set any asset vakues using the api

pass the token in the header from previous step, be sure to Add 'Bearer ’ to the

Authorization : Bearer

Body of the rest API should contain the following.


thanks for your explanation and the steps. may I know how my robot get the argument from url query?

example.‘dd/mm/yyyyy’ & name=‘test’&lastname=‘testing’

is it possible to do have a robot to extract the parameters? also is it valid to have above url beside calling the startjobs?


I followed the following document.

It has all the REST APIs we need.

Instead of parameters, I have used the GET/POST Asset API$filter=Name eq ‘QueueName’

I have not experimented with parameters to startjob api.


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