UIpath Remote Runtime Download

Where can I get the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi installer. I’ve tried to contact the UIpath Support Team two times without success. Is there any other place where I can download the installer?

Hi @alvaro.j.nobre !
Wow did not expect to see the same topic in UiPath Forum twice in one day :joy: @Pablito this time mentioning you seems worth !

Hello @alvaro.j.nobre ,

You can download the file from cloud platform. You have the option to download the correct version of it.

  1. Go to : https://cloud.uipath.com/
  2. Click on HELP (left down)
  3. The resource center page will open
  4. In the right side, you have the options to download the executables that you want.
  5. Install the msi.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:



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