Require UiPath Remote Runtime Installer.msi file

Hi All
I will need UiPath Remote Runtime Installer for UiPath studio version 2020.10.6
I have raised support ticket as well, but didn’t get any response yet. So raising the issue in the forum.
Please help me with the steps how or from where I can get the Windows Remote Runtime Installer. It’s an urgent requirement as I need to start with the Automation work and will need to install the msi file on the Client Server.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @Heena_Saini

You can get it via our Automation Cloud Resource Center:

Thank you.

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Actually I don’t have access to the the Automation Cloud.
My organization does not provide access to the same, I can only Install Studio via Org Central Software Installation centre.
So, need to get the .msi file from UiPath, but their Support Channel is not replying.
Please help me if that can be sorted in some way.

Thanks In Advance.


Without cloud orchestrator you cannot get this UiPath Remote Runtime. there is no other go you have to contact the UiPath team.

if you are not getting response from UiPath technical team please raise it to our forum Manager @loginerror i hope he would help you. thanks.

@loginerror Please help us contacting the UiPath Support Team.

Hi @Heena_Saini

I hope you managed to resolve this issue by now. It looks like you own the Enterprise license, in which case please contact our technical support via this form: