Uipath reading cells as Infinity

Im working with a process to read a workbook xlsx, but sometimes uipath is reading some cells as infinity. Opening the file in excel or google sheets reads everything fine.
Do you know how can I solve it?

selected cell is: =E12/J12


Hey @josue.garcia

You mean to say you are passing a range into the Read Range excel activity but still it is reading whole range ?

Is that correct?

Also, did you pass the starting cell or the entire range ? And how did you pass if you can show please…


Hi @Nithinkrishna
We don’t have problems with ranges. The problem is the value that is reading, is a function but is reading it as “Infinity” instead.

it seem to be an hidden apostrophe before the number but it is invisible when opening the workbook, we only can see it editing the cell.
anyway if the workbook is opened with Excel everything is showed correctly.

The apostrophe is so Excel will display a number as text, so you don’t get the xxx.xx+E format.

Unable to get this sorry