UiPath Re-Installation

Hello All,

Can any1 be able to help me with the re-installation of Uipath in the same Device. Im unable to re- install it since I had already installed it earlier in the same device.

Is there anyway we can release the device ID and request for one again? Any Help on this would be appreciated.

Is i not installing or you are not able to activate?
If the latter see the below:

It is asking for License Key


@pammi198 In the mail you can get key enter that key here

@indra 4 months back when I first installed it on my system it did not asked for License key and I dont find that mail now. :frowning:

Is there any other way we can activate it?

@pammi198 Once Contact UiPath Support team… @ovi @badita

Hey @pammi198

It depends which type of Uipath Installer you are trying to install on your system.
if you were using Enterprise Trail Version then you are again going to install it will ask for a license key.

To release a device id you can use Regutility and type command there. in some cases it does not work den best possible option is raise a support ticket then uipath support team will deregister your device id from their licensing server.


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