UiPath Python Error

Hi All,

I have recently come across the following issue:

If I create a text file from the python shell, the file is created successfully,
But if I run the same python through UiPath the result is negative, No file created.

Similar errors were observed while polling data into excel.

Has anyone come across this issue? Any solution for this?

@loginerror Can you help me on this?

@Rahul_Pasupuleti- Can you post the details on error message that you are facing and brief about your workflow?

Hi Akash,

No error has been generated.
Let me give an example:

I have generated a simple python program which creates a notepad or an excel file on the desired location. I run it through Python shell and it works fine.

The same script runs on UiPath with no error but the text file or excel file cannot be created.

Is it possible to share the python script @Rahul_Pasupuleti

Is it executing that script ? Also, Please check the user access for python script