Uipath project

Hi, i am searching job in uipath. In many interviews i was asked by the interviewer like what is the initial steps in ur organization, when you receive a project in uipath. How you starts your work? So friends can I have your answers.


You need to learn about SDLC , every project has to follow this flow. it’s your profile that should have respective job to do.
for an ex- if you are a RPA developer , then your job is to create flowchart and algorithm for the process to develop and taking requirements from BA and son on


I believe it would be useful to use full names instead of abbreviations, just to get everyone to understand the topic better :slight_smile:

I get how we are going super fast these days, but a bit more effort will go a long way when users will come back to the topic later on :slight_smile:


That is what i use to say, is that something in uipath whether any particular abbreviations are used??