How do the UIpath Client projects work in the corporate world? Any kind of experiences are most welcome

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I guess this is a new question and maybe because it may sound silly.
I have completed all the certifications available in the uipath academy (including advanced training). I have successfully completed hand full of raw projects on my own.

I was wondering how do the UIpath developers work at the corporate level. Like how do clients come into picture or how does the team of uipath developers work if the clients have certain requirements.

I am final year student and never had any experience with the corporate world.
Please introduce me to it.

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:smiley: I can just explain in General what basic things are involved.

First the Client explains the Business Process to a Business Analyst and RPA Architect.

They discuss about Technical Feasibility, Complexity Analysis, Return On Investment and lot of other things… bla bla…

They also talk about Cost involved in setting up the environment(Servers , databases, Elastic , Orchestrator/ Control Room(AA) etc etc…)

They also take inputs on which Automation Tool does the Client wants the project to be done.

Once the project is approved the project is discussed with a team of RPA developers and they map the Business Process step by step on a flowchart.

They develop the Robots and test them and create a technical documentation of it.

Agile… :slight_smile: Well everyday Stand Up meeting happens on what has been done yesterday , what will be done today and what are impediments .

Then 3 times a week, call is setup with Client and they discuss about the project and things which I dont really understand … :wink:

And finally deployment and celebrations in a Pub or Hotel or Restort :slight_smile:

Cheers mate thats it for now.



Amazingly done mate!!.

Story of my life. LOL.



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