Uipath Postmaster- Email Delivery Failure


Did anyone got this issue, Bot email account is getting bunch of emails from postmaster@uipath.com as shown. We are not sending any emails to this email.

Using CE Orchestrator (platform.uipath.com) with Enterprise license activated.
What might be the reason for this?

Hi @Sat

What is the content of these emails?

Also, what do you mean by Orchestrator CE licensed as Enterprise? Do you mean that you are using the Enterprise Studio/Robot with the Community Orchestrator?

@loginerror, content of the email is in the first image. Yes, we are using enterprise studio with CE Orchestrator.

Strange. I would advise you to go to Orchestrator settings and disable all email notifications. Also, it would be helpful if you could dig down to the content of the actual email that tried to be sent out, as it could help a bit.
I would imagine it is registered by your email server.

It could be a bug as well, of course. In that case, you could try temporarily removing the robot from your Orchestrator (just in case that message is related to the robot connectivity).

In general, have you managed to stop the messages from being sent?

@loginerror, I tried all the steps before,
Removed Robot and disabled email notifications but the flow hasn’t stopped. I enabled them back. But all of a sudden, email influx got stopped(we did nothing.).


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