UiPath Orchestrator Logging to ElasticSearch

I am having issues finding information to correctly setup Orchestrator (running as a web app service in Azure) so that logs are sent to ElasticSearch (running on a VM in Azure).

Current Setup:
Orchestrator on Azure App Services
ElasticSearch on Azure Linux VM
Kibana on Azure Linux VM

I would like to know exactly which application settings I should be changing/creating to have logs be fed to ElasticSearch. I can’t find specific information on this anywhere.

I did not initially set all of this up, so I’m not sure what entailed with the initial setup.

Anything that could point me in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks

Hello @richard.autry,

The configurations are saved in the Web.config file under the home folder of orchestrator website.
The default settings is: <logger name="Robot" writeTo="database,robotElasticBuffer" final="true" />
which indicates that the logs are saved to both database and elastic search. We can edit this config file to have the logs fed to either DB or ES as well.

Shiju Mathew

Hi Richard,

Did you determine a resolution on this? I have a client looking to do the same currently.

Thank you.


Hi @RamReddy

Feel free to search the forum for terms elasticsearch.

Also, see here:

If it won’t help, feel free to reach out to our support for more assistance :slight_smile:

Hi @richard were you able to make it work? I have same setup (Orchestrator as Azure App Servcie, Elastic on a VM). But form some reason Orchestrator never sends logs to Elastic.