UiPath Orchestrator Installation Prerequisites Check Script

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Anyway to check UiPath Orchestrator Installation Prerequisites using Script, consider the following components and .Net Framework as well.

1. IIS-RequestFiltering
2. IIS-StaticContent
3. IIS-DefaultDocument
4. IIS-HttpErrors
5. IIS-Web Sockets
6. IIS-ApplicationInit
7. IIS-ISAPIExtensions
8. IIS-ISAPIFilter
10. IIS-WindowsAuthentication
11. IIS-URLAuthorization
12. IIS-ManagementConsole

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Could you expand a little bit your thoughts please? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your time and reply on this.

We are trying to upgrade our on-premises orchestrator instance with 2020.10 version. For that we need to validate the prerequisites are in place or not in the web server.

Other than running the MSI installer to check the prerequisites, is there any powershell or any other type of scripts to check the components and versions are in place to proceed with the installation.

I guess this is something you are asking for :slight_smile:

Yes, similar to this one. But need to check all the prerequisites.

But it checks all needed data for the upgrade.


But I am not able to execute it, as it is blocked by the execution policy.

Execution policy is something related to Windows security for powershell which is set by Microsoft by default. It’s nothing from our side. Please search on google how to allow for ps scripts execution.

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@Pablito, Thank you for your support

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