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Does anyone have a suggestion on this issue?


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The solution is very easy :flushed:, passign the data in the Body property of the HTTP Request activity.


HI Susan,

I could not find the body,body format option in my uipath 2016.1.5 version .can you please suggest me how to create json body text in httprequest

Hello @Sukesh

I´m using UiPath Studio 2016.2 version…

Could you try to update your UiPath version?

Thank you so much @Susana:slight_smile:

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I am trying to use the RetryQueueItem() and have the same problem as above, I cannot seem to get the information correctly passed through. I have read all the posts about how the body format is supposed to look, but still nothing works.

This is the end url: “https://XXXXXXXXXX/odata/QueueItems/UiPathODataSvc.RetryQueueItem()

This is the body: - “{”“ids”“: [1680]}” -

I have also tried using Cha(34) instead of: "

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Is this resolved?Getting same issue,Please help

Yes. We tried replacing " with ’ så the body we send looks similar to this:
{ ‘startInfo’: { ‘ReleaseKey’: ‘XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX’, ‘RobotIds’: [ 10 ], ‘Strategy’: ‘Specific’ }}

Of course as a string, surrounded by " ".


:+1: Worked Perfectly. Thanks @Lenz