Start jobs with input arguments

Content-Type: application/json{ “startInfo”: { “ReleaseKey”: “429cf1zzzzcc-283c-424f-a935-43f72c2ca719”, “RobotIds”: [121], “JobsCount”: 0, “Strategy”: “Specific”, “InputArguments”: “{”+args+":"+value+"}" } }

Can anyone help me with the formatting of the above json?. I am using the above json string inside the http request → body. Args and value varaibles are dynamic. When i run the flow i am getting invalid json comma error.

Check out this very fast simple VB.NET that create JSON in 1 line:
startUiPathFromSalesforce/CreateJSON.txt at master · cristinegulescu/startUiPathFromSalesforce · GitHub
And the movie for demo:

For starting the process from postman check this:


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