Uipath open a new application instance

Can anyone tell me please how to uipath open a new application instance.

Ican open a new instance of application manually but how I can do it throw uipath?


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Can you give more details on your issue?

provide some screenshots / input output samples



As far as I understood you want to open or launch any application.

We have use application/browser activity to open launch any standalone or browser based application and it returns browser instance. If you want more details pls let us know. Thanks.


It is not browser application.

It is desktop application


We can use same activity use application/browser activity to launch the desktop application. Or else you could use start process activity and use the exe file as input so that whenever you run the start process activity it will launch your desktop application. Please refer the below documentation for further guidance. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply I will try it with the start process activity and I will reply to you for the succession.

Thank you!

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Your welcome. Let us know if you need any more help.

Good morning my friend,

When the application loaded I take the message if I want to exit. I have put this window to react at no but doesn’t work.

Also with start proccess that you told me yestarday it load again the appliacation but trying to execute the commants at the first window of application and not at the second.

Sorry ask a lot but you can help me because I want three windows of application and sometimes more.

Thank you in advance!

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