UIPath on Mac



Is there any way, by which UI Path can be used to automate Mac Desktop applications?
Or any workaround for this?

Availability of UiPath community edition on Mac OS?

At least for now, UiPath works only on Windows. You could automate Mac desktop apps if you connect to Mac using a remote desktop program and perform image and keyboard based automation from Windows.


How to install UIPath studio in MAC?

We want to train our consultants, whom all have Macbook pro. Is it already possible to install the trial version?


Hi Hein,

It’s still not possible to install UiPath Platform on MacOS. But you can use a VM with Windows, something like Parallels.


@ovi Hey , could you please tell the procedure in how to install it using the VM parallels as I need to install the UIPath studio in my MAC and all that the website has is a *.msi extension package for the installation of the trial version.
Any help/suggestion Is deeply appreciated .


You can install UiPath on mac using VM but this way you may not be able to automate the MAC apps.

UiPath can only be installed on Windows, so you can install VM on mac first, then windows on it and at last UiPath into the Windows.

@adrian, has already suggested, how you can control the Mac apps via remote desktop.


DO you plan to release a MacOS version of Studio. Our developers all use MacBooks.

The target platform would be WebApps to automate.

I understand startups can’t do everything at once - just trying to get some idea if we can use this platform for our project.